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Welcome to Southwood Consultancy. A boutique marketing studio in the Northern Cape of South Africa, committed to handling any marketing aspect of your business including web design, online hosting, traditional & digital marketing, graphic design, printing, full branding services and professional advice when ever needed. We provide qualitative, cost effect and timely results with a special interest in SMME and tourism development.



Creative Graphic Design Services

Presenting your company branding effectively and consistently through type, colour and layout is crucial to communicate the messages you want received by your target audience. Simple, distinctive and appropriate design is the most effective, and we take pride in creating designs that work for our clients. We offer a professional, yet simple approach and we manage the entire design process – from concept, through design, pre-press/beta, print/launch and delivery. Any design you need, we can do: including print design such as business cards, flyers, menus, posters, brochures, annual reports, publications, print campaigns and wine labels - or web and app design.



Online Printing Services with Delivery

We will print literally anything... If it can be printed, we will either do it ourselves, source it through one of our many trusted service providers or, if need be, track down someone with the expertise to get the job done - professionally, cost effectively, and within your expectation - all on your behalf.

Order your standard printing jobs using our Online Printing Service, or get in touch with us if you have something a little more challenging.



Fast Local Hosting for Emails + Websites is a Secure Online Storage solution, created and managed by Southwood Consultancy, offering clients a range of hosting options that will enable them to get their information online, fast and securely. These products and services are continually upgraded to ensure a hosting environment that remains compatible with the latest technology and can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.



Effectively marketing your products and services in today's digital age can be a daunting prospect, especially for start-up and SMME businesses that do not have the resources to appoint a dedicated team to focus on marketing. Where do you even start?

Printed ads in the newspaper? What about Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram Ads? There are so many options and knowing which ones are best for your type of business and message is key to success. 

We can help you to make the right choices the first time around, not only saving you valuable time and frustration, but more importantly, money.


We do not only design and print traditional ads and marketing material, we can also assist in placement and performance tracking services for printed marketing campaigns.


Search Engine

Desiging a good looking, usable website is only the first step. Getting your website noticed by Search Engines such as Google and Bing is arguably even more important.



Marketing material and Adverts for digital viewing such as website banners, directory services, newsletters, sponsored content and more.



Get your products noticed with Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads targeted to your client base.


For a

We provide free services to community based projects and businesses.
If you manage or are part of a community based business or project in the rural Northern Cape province of South Africa, get in touch with us as we might be able to assist with the technology and services you need to get your project or business online. We offer domain registrations, personalised email and basic hosting FREE of charge to qualifying entities.

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Boutique Marketing Consultancy in the Northern Cape of South Africa offering Creative Design, Printing, Hosting, and Marketing Services.

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