At the heart of a distinctive brand is its design DNA which is reflected in its appearance, both in digital and printed form, creating recognition, loyalty and value for its customers.

In its purest form, Design has to look good, create the right impact and meet its objectives, so form and function must work together. 

We offer professional Graphic Design services for all standard and not-so-standard Print Applications, such as...

Business Cards


Product Labels

Vinyl Signage

Promo Flyers








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Other Design Services

New Logo Design

A logo isn't just a tiny piece of art - it's the very foundation of your brand identity. Strategically using this single piece of design in various parts of your business builds recognition and consumer confidence over time. Let us create a stunning, original logo design for you. Your business will stand out from the crowd, wowing competitors and customers alike.

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Corporate Identity

Beyond a logo it is incredibly important to consider how your company is seen by current and potential customers and to develop a strong corporate identity that encapsulates your brand’s values and intent, and represents its core offering. But WHAT is a corporate identity? WHY is it so important? And HOW do you create a strong corporate identity that sets your business up for sustainable success?

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Design for Digital

Want to send out a promotional email to your prospective clients? Want to post something on one of your social media pages that is eye-catching and that will make an impression? Digital design is artwork produced to be viewed and consumed on a computer or device and great digital design is artwork that makes people pay attention even when their time is stretched.

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Website Design

Websites are no longer a nice to have... A beautiful, simple to use website is essential for your new or existing business. We design and develop high quality responsive web and mobile websites. Focusing on user centered design, content, usability, and simplicity.

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Specials &

Free Design with all
Business Card Orders

Need a design or new business cards for your business or personal services? Order your printing through us and get FREE Design & Layout Services. Available for a limited time only!

50% Off All
New Logo Designs

Need a new logo for your new or existing business? We are currently offering HALF PRICED Logo designs for the duration of the Lockdown period in South Africa. Get your new business idea off the ground with a professional LOGO now!


Southwood Consultancy also offers the following services that relate to Graphic Design for Printing.


Get quality printing ordered straight from our website. Select your specifications, upload your artwork and wait for your printing to be delivered to your door.

Outsourced PRINTING

No Print job is too small or too big for us... if we can't print your design ourselves, we will find the right people that can. And at an affordable price to boot.


Having trouble sending large print or source files to your printers or the media via email? We offer Cloud Storage options to customers, hosted on fast, local servers.

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